Integral European Conference

IEC 2018The third Integral European Conference took place in May 2018 in Hungary.  The IEC conference is the foremost global gathering of Integral practitioners.

I had a wonderful time at the IEC conference in May 2018, running a workshop (‘Demystifying Mysticism‘) and giving two short presentations (one on Integral Music, including his nearly finished Integral Oratorio, ‘Unitas Multiplex’, and one titled ‘Integral Hearth: Towards A Collective Integral Practice‘).

I am very much looking forward to being at the IEC ReGathering on the outskirts of Vienna in May 2019, with my wife, Fibre Artist Jo Gosling (

If you are at all interested in Integral – whether you know anything about it yet or not – do consider coming to the IEC ReGathering in May, and the next conference in 2020. They are life changing events, and you will meet wonderful, creative people from all around the world.

At the ReGathering in May I will be bringing the latest news on the Integral Oratorio, and seeking to network in terms of finding avenues for first performances, and support for performances, including financial support.


Here is a song, ‘Be Still‘, which I wrote some years ago, which I have orchestrated very simply to be one movement in the Integral Oratorio. It is a paraphrase of a simple three part description of meditation I heard from a well-known Tibetan Buddhist teacher.  This is the original version. The lyrics are below.


Be Still  (© Steve Banks 2018)

Be still, feel your body come to rest / Gentle movement of your breath / Thoughts and feelings coming back home

Your fears – just the habit of the years / Melting into silent tears / Now your heart is open at home

The space in the oceans of your mind / All your need, there you find / All in place at home

You can listen to other movements of the Integral Oratorio, on the Integral Music page.

Support for completing and performing the Integral Oratorio, ‘Unitas Multiplex

I am looking for people to support the process of finishing this Integral Oratorio and taking it through to its first performances. If you want to be part of history, please get in touch. This is, as far as I know, the first major choral work conveying Integral Spirituality, and the ‘Integral’ approach in general. As well as general support, I am hoping to find individuals or organisations who are inspired by the project, and would like to support it financially (to go alongside applications for grant funding). More on this soon.