Integral Music

[For Steve’s Integral Oratorio, Unitas Multiplex, please click here.] 

Steve has been a musician all his working career, albeit sometimes alongside economics, or working as a Psychosynthesis counsellor. See the biog page and the music menu for details of Steve’s career as a musician, and the groups he currently plays with.

Steve has been writing and arranging songs since 1993. The albums that he recorded with his band Blue Jewel, Dart Songs and John Smart’s Bottle, are all his compositions and arrangements. He has also written and arranged many songs and tunes over the years for Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band, and for his folk duo, Cosgrave & Banks.

In 2009, Steve’s music writing branched out into classical composition, with a string quartet written for his father, who is an amateur cellist.  You can listen to the slow movement:

Live performance by the Divertimento Quartet, in 2009: Violins – Steve Banks & Lindsay Braga, Viola – Andrew Gillett, ‘Cello – Vicky Evans.

Integral Music, and Integral Oratorio

Steve had long been aware for a while of the possibilities for ‘integral music’. He had bought CDs by American singer-song writer Stuart Davis, who had dedicated an album to Wilber.  In 2013, Steve began to explore writing integral music in the classical arena, starting work on an ambitious ‘Integral Oratorio‘, Unitas Multiplex (‘unity in diversity’). It is nearly completed, and Steve is working towards a World Premiere. Click here to listen to movements of Unitas Multiplex, and to read more about it.