The Power Of Music

In June 2021, Steve presented a seminar, The Power Of Music, hosted by the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, which explored the extraordinary power music has to lead us into experiences of deeply moving, inspired states, and illuminate our potential, both individually and collectively

The seminar was a great success, and the Psychosynthesis Trust invited Steve to offer two further seminars, making a series of three on ‘The Power Of Music’.

The second seminar will be on 11th November 2021, on the theme “I Am”. 

In the first workshop, Steve explored how, in an appropriate context, sacred music can act as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation. In this second workshop, we will look at the shift of identity from the personal self to the transpersonal self, or ‘I am’, and how this can be conveyed through the transition from music into silence; and with that, the shift from time to eternity. The third workshop, on 20.01.22 will explore the extraordinary power of music to open the heart to love and compassion, life purpose and service.

The seminar is for anyone interested in choral and ‘spiritual’ music, the arts in general, and psychology/spirituality.  Musicians, composers, people who sing in choirs and choir directors are very welcome, as well as those with an interest in Psychosynthesis (personally or professionally) or Ken Wilber’s Integral Model.

I will talk briefly about the cultural changes which are driving the emergence of the new human spirituality, and the key aspects of it which we will explore in this seminar, namely:

  • a spiritual path rooted in a rational (as opposed to mythic) worldview;
  • the answer to the fundamental spiritual question, ‘Who am I?’ (and ‘Who dies?’);
  • what is ‘eternity’?

We will listen to three movements from the Blue Pearl oratorio and explore how the music draws the listener towards deep spiritual experience, with a particular intentional relationship between sound and silence, experiencing the music as a guided meditation.

In breakout groups and in the whole group we will discuss what has been brought up by listening to the music, and by my presentation.

To book for the 2nd seminar, on 11th November 2021, please go to: And please save 20.01.22 in your diary for the 3rd and final seminar.


Information about the 1st seminar, ‘The Power Of Music’

You can watch Steve give a brief introduction to the seminar in this YouTube video.

What is the seminar about?

We are at a time in history when humanity needs to act ‘in concert’ as never before, when we need more individuals to act from a place of inspiration in service of humanity and the earth.

We will explore the power that music has as a catalyst: for individuals to embrace their highest potentials; and for cultural transformation from national identities to human and ‘earth’ identity.

What is involved?

The seminar and workshop are a mixture of Steve presenting with slides; experiential – listening or moving to music to evoke and identify with different states of consciousness; and debriefing and discussion.

We will listen to a few movements from Steve’s new choral composition, ‘Blue Pearl: A One World Oratorio’ which evoke the sense of the earth’s evolution, and we humans as the earth evolved and evolving: music which evokes the sense of humanity as a unity-in-diversity; likewise the earth. (We recommend using good quality speakers/headphones if possible, for the best experience of the music.)

If the seminar is online, people can move to the music if they wish. If the seminar or workshop is in a physical space, then this experiential part will involve moving to the music, in order to embody different states of consciousness.

We will discuss the impact of listening (or moving) to the music; and the role music plays currently, and could play, as a spiritual catalyst in our personal and professional lives, and in cultural transformation.

We will compile a list of participants’ favourite inspiring sacred / transformational and ‘one world’ music.

This workshop will bring a focus to the role music plays, and could play, in both your personal and professional life as an agent of psycho-spiritual transformation.  Do you listen, or dance, to music as a conscious spiritual practice? If you work with people, do you use music in your professional practice? If you work on a collective level, do you use music as an agent of collective cultural transformation?

If you are interested in hosting one of the ‘Power Of Music’ seminars, or something similar, please get in touch with Steve (email: steve ‘at’