Integral Oratorio

Unitas Multiplex is the first ever Integral Oratorio.

Unitas Multiplex is a sacred work for choir, soloists and orchestra, a choral work like nothing that has gone before. It is a sacred choral work for the 21st century, expressing an spirituality – an Integral spirituality – which is accessible to people of any faith or none; a spirituality which embraces the best of the ancient spiritual traditions and modern science and psychology; a spirituality which transcends, but also embraces all of human life, including sexuality.  A spiritual vision for a humanity as a whole, a one earth spirituality.

Steve has just finished composing it (April 2019). He started work on in October 2013.  He is now working towards a World Premiere, in 2020 or 2021.

You can listen to a demo recording of the whole piece, and read the lyrics, and notes about it  – click here. If you do listen to it, please email Steve with any feedback (steve ‘at’

Ken Wilber has listened to this demo recording, and said this about Unitas Multiplex:

“Steve Banks’s ‘Unitas Multiplex Oratorio’ is a wonderful, exciting musical composition created as a manifestation of his Integral understanding.  It’s a superb, exhilarating, magical piece of music that takes one through any number of different experiential realities, a manifestation of Steve’s own wider and deeper awareness.  Sit back and enjoy a rich trip through these effervescent realities in your own case, highly recommended.”  Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Here is a 3 minute video of Steve introducing Unitas Multiplex to participants at the Integral Europe Conference, May 2018  (Updates since the video was recorded: Steve is hoping for first performances in 2020 or 2021.) 

Unitas Multiplex follows the line of sacred music for choir, soloists and orchestra, from Spem in Alium, by Thomas Tallis, to Handel’s Messiah, and all the ‘Requiem’s – Fauré, Mozart, Verdi, Karl Jenkins, and so on… But it is completely new. It breaks entirely new ground. Because it is Integral. Unitas Multiplex means ‘unity-in-diversity’, which is a motto for the Integral vision (see Ken Wilber,  ‘One Taste’).  The oratorio expresses integral forms, including integral spirituality, the transcendent unity of religions, human beings as evolution-in-action, holarchy, the spectrum of consciousness, the fundamental unity of humanity, and of humanity with the earth, and with the Kosmos. And it draws the listener in to profound experiences – both individually and collectively – of our deepest nature, as Spirit, eternally now, and as evolution-in-action. The oratorio inspires us to be all we can be as human beings; to open our hearts to the inevitable pain of a human life, and to experience the joy that comes when we awaken from the confounding illusion of separateness.  We are unique, wonderfully diverse, beings. And we are one… Unitas Multiplex.

World Premiere in 2020 / 2021 – Invitation for Support

Steve is intending for the World Premiere of this piece to be in 2020 or 2021.  It is about 1 hour 20 minutes in total; though sections, or individual movements, can be performed separately.

If you are excited about this pioneering Integral music, and would like to play a part in a little piece of history, by supporting Steve in seeing Unitas Multiplex through to its World Premiere, please email Steve (, and he will keep you posted on ways you can be involved (from the small – simply saying you support the project, or offering a small donation is a big help  – to the more substantial – becoming a Patron of the World Premiere, or a partner organisation). Click here for more about support and funding.

Listen to Unitas Multiplex, and read more about it

If you would like to listen to the demo recording of the whole oratorio please follow this link