Steve has been writing songs since 1993.  His writing branched out into classical in 2009, with a string quartet written for his father, an amateur ‘cellist. Since then he has been increasingly drawn to writing ‘integral music’. Some of Steve’s main compositions to date:

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band


Blue Pearl (2003) . Performed on tour by Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band, recorded by them on their Ringing The Changes album, and also by the Carnival Band on their Around The World album.

The Dancing Robin (2014). A setting of a traditional text from the Baring-Gould collection (folk songs collected in Devon). Performed on tour by Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band.

Songs and arrangements for Blue Jewel’s two albums: Dart Songs (2010) and John Smart’s Bottle (2012) – see

Steve’s folk duo, Cosgrave & Banks, perform two of Steve’s songs, Into The Day, and Doorway To Heaven. The former is on their album, Warp & Weft.

Film Music

Steve has written music for three of his father’s films of butterflies of the world (

In The Shadow of Kanchenjunga (2008) – arrangement of a traditional folk song from Sikkim, performed by the Carnival Band.

Gilded Butterflies (2012) – performed and recorded by Steve at his Devon studio.

Ghana’s Other Gold (2015) –  performed and recorded by Steve at his Devon studio

Classical Music

String Quartet in D, world premiere – 2009, performed by the Divertimento Quartet in Stoke Gabriel, Devon.

Summer Song – for violin and piano, 2014.  First performed at Dartington Summer School.

Unitas Multiplex : an Integral Oratorio. For choir, soloists and orchestra. Work In Progress.







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