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‘Blue Pearl : a One World Oratorio’  – World Premiere Saturday 14th May 2022, at St Giles’ Cripplegate, London, and streamed live around the world

Text by Ken Wilber, Thich Nhat Hanh and Steve Banks.  Music by Steve Banks.

On this page you can listen to the demo recording of Blue Pearl : A One World Oratorio, and read about it.

First there are excerpts from five testimonials (to read all the testimonials in full, click here). Then a two page summary of the piece and individual movements. Below that are the mp3’s to listen to. Below that are the lyrics, more detailed notes about the piece and the vocal score.

“Steve Banks’s Blue Pearl Oratorio’ is a wonderful, exciting musical composition, a superb, exhilarating, magical piece of music that takes one through any number of different experiential realities.”  – Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

“A remarkable achievement, offered with remarkable sincerity, depth of personal knowledge and experience.  The music is, by turns, witty, moving, exciting, and transporting.”   – Julian Marshall, composer. ARCM, FHEA

“LMP has always been thrilled to give the first performances of new compositions that expand the classical repertoire, and we are delighted to be giving the world premiere of ‘Blue Pearl’ with the wonderful Excelsis chamber choir, bringing to life this beautiful, evocative music.”  – Julia Desbruslais, Executive Director, London Mozart Players

” ‘Blue Pearl’ is a really exciting challenge for the choir: to bring to life the different styles of music which Steve has used to such great effect to evoke the full compass of our shared human experience. It is a wonderful and moving celebration of our shared humanity. I’m sure many other choirs will perform it in the years to come; to be the first is a real treat for Excelsis and for me.”    – Rob Lewis, Musical Director, Excelsis Chamber Choir

“A wonderfully creative new piece that is consoling, challenging, witty, tuneful and inspiring. The piece beautifully enacts the profound, contemporary and perennial philosophy that underlies it, opening up an experience of enlightening, transformative potential. An innovative artistic contribution to the emerging spirituality of our times.” – Chris Cullen, Mindfulness trainer and teacher, Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Demo Recording, Part 1 (45 minutes total)

Requiem Nunc


Evolution 5




One Mother, One Father


Blue Pearl


Never Lost, Never Found


Demo Recording, Part 2 (40 minutes total)

Let Go




Call Me By My True Names






Be Still


‘     ‘    (movement with no name). A minute of silence.

Requiem Nunc (Reprise) – The Potter


The PDFs below will open in a new tab

Lyrics  (NB: one or two very small changes have been made since the demo recording. This document has the correct lyrics.)

Two page summary of the piece and individual movements

Notes for listener not familiar with the Integral model.

Notes for listener familiar with the Integral model.

Recording notes and credits

Blue Pearl : vocal score  (NB: one or two very small changes have been made since the demo recording. This PDF is the correct version.)