Database of sacred music


When I have been giving presentations about Blue Pearl and about sacred / transformational music, I have invited participants to add their favourites to a list of contemporary sacred or transformational works, to create a collective ‘playlist’ which everyone could then dip into and find works they hadn’t yet come across.  Below is the beginning of a compilation of these ‘playlists’, which I am making available for anyone, and which will hopefully grow over time. (If you’d like to add you own favourite – if it’s not already in the list – please drop me a line).

I am working on how to categorise them. My starting point for this process was a burning question in my mind, as to whether any ‘Integral’ music existed, which could be put alongside Blue Pearl as clearly ‘Integral’ compositions. As yet, I haven’t found any in the broadly ‘classical’ genre.  I have heard Ken Wilber mention a number of singer-song writers, and rock bands who he clearly likes. Stuart Davis was the first musician I heard of connected with Ken’s work.

Of course, this begs the fascinating question, “What makes a piece of music Integral?”. I have some initial thoughts about that, which I will post on another page. As a basic starting point, I agree with Steve McIntosh ( that ‘Any music composed by someone with Integral consciousness’ does not work as a definition. There must be something in the music itself, in its structure, which shows its Integral nature.

I am in the process of working out how to present this list. This is just a prototype to get the ball rolling…

Composer Title Evolutionary stage Notes Century
Gustav Mahler Second Symphony (‘Resurrection’) 20th
Gustav Mahler 5th Symphony – Adagio 20th
Arvo Pärt Spiegel Im Spiegel 20th