Blue Pearl – Support & Crowdfunding

Support for the World Premiere of ‘Blue Pearl: a One World Oratorio’… and beyond

The world premiere of Blue Pearl, Steve’s ground-breaking major new choral work, will be on 14th May 2022.

Steve is seeking financial and other support to put on this exciting world premiere, and also to promote Blue Pearl to other choirs in the UK and around the world, so that many other people can hear and be inspired by the piece after the first performance. This will include a crowdfunding campaign in February and March 2022. The links will be posted here soon.

If you would like to support Steve in bringing Blue Pearl into the world, these are some of the ways you can help:

  • come to the world premiere! Either in London, or to the live online stream (which includes 7 days on demand viewing). Invite your family and friends to come!  Spread the word through your networks.
  • subscribe here to the Blue Pearl e-newsletter for updates.
  • spread the word on social media. Like/follow Steve’s composer page on facebook and share his posts about Blue Pearl. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn and Instagram (@SteveBanksComposer)
  • support the crowdfunding campaign, which will be in February and March ’22.  More details will be posted here soon. Please subscribe here for updates.
  • support Blue Pearl financially, separately from the crowdfunding – as an individual patron or sponsoring organisation – see below.
  • future performances. if you sing in a choir, or know someone who does, might the choir be interested in performing some or all of Blue Pearl at a future date (some individual movements and pairs or groups of movements work really well on their own – see this page), please contact Steve.
  • media. do you have personal contacts at podcasts, radio stations, media outlets who might like to interview Steve, or run a feature on Blue Pearl?
  • If you have any other ideas, please email Steve:

The financial side is going to include a crowdfunding project, likely at the end of January ’22. There will be more details about this in due course. For now, please get in touch with Steve if you are interested in offering financial support (anything from €20 to €5,000). There are a number of things Steve can offer in return, for example:

  • premium tickets to the world premiere
  • having your support recognised in the official World Premiere programme
  • for corporate sponsors, your logo on this website and publicity material
  • a copy of the World Premiere programme with a personal dedication from Steve
  • a limited edition copy of the vocal score with a personal dedication from Steve
  • a limited edition copy of the full orchestral score, with a personal dedication
  • an online gathering of patrons, including Q&A with Steve
  • for a healthy sum, Steve will write a song for you, on the subject of your choice, and following a full discussion of what you want the song to say