Integral Coaching

Steve offers Integral coaching in person in Totnes, south Devon, or by skype.  Integral coaching is the most powerful and holistic way of transforming your life currently available, using Ken Wilber’s Integral approach.  It enables you to identify your core values, your key goals, and what might be getting in the way of you realising those goals.

Integral coaching includes, and integrates, the physical, psychological and spiritual domains. It shines a light on every level of your being, and identifies blocks that are holding you back. The practise of Integral meditation, which Steve recommends, and teaches to his coaching clients, is a powerful transformational practise, which develops your capacity to be aware of how your habitual thinking and emotional ‘grooves’ are influencing how you operate in the world, and to carve out new, more effective ‘grooves’.

Integral coaching is not psychotherapy.  It can identify specific psychological blocks; if these are significantly entrenched, then psychotherapy might be beneficial. Steve will flag that up, and suggest the suitability of the different types of therapy on offer.

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The cost is on a sliding scale, between £35 an hour and £70 an hour, depending on financial circumstances.

If you are interested in exploring coaching, please email: steve ‘at’, or phone 07957 855458 (e-mail is better in the first instance).




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