Demystifying Mysticism

Steve is able to explain complex ideas and make them accessible to the puzzled.” – course participant, ‘Demystifying Mysticism’

January 2021: Steve will soon be running a short online course, ‘Demystifying Mysticism‘, which is a theoretical and experiential introduction to an Integral perspective on the mystical experience.  To receive news about when this course is running, please email Steve –

“When the universe as a whole seeks to know itself, through the medium of the human mind, some aspects of that universe must remain unknown. With the awakening of symbolic knowledge there seems to be a split in the universe between knower and known, the thinker and thought, the subject and the object…” – Ken Wilber, The Spectrum of Consciousness


Steve presenting at the IEC 2018 conference

Steve Banks (BSc Maths, MSc Economics)  has been studying and practising Ken Wilber’s Integral approach for 20 years. Steve presented at the Integral European Conference in 2018 and 2020. This is the foremost gathering of Integral practitioners and thought leaders in the world. He is a qualified Psychosynthesis counsellor, has taught counselling skills, and has co-led Rites of Passage workshops for men. He has been practising and deepening his understanding of Buddhist meditation for 27 years.  He has been on retreats organised by the Triatna Buddhist Community, and at Gaia House in Devon, with teachers including Rob Burbea, Chris Cullen, Martine Bachelor, Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, Charles Genoud and Yanai Postelnik. He is a professional musician, song writer and Integral composer.  For Steve’s full biog, click here.

Even though I have had many years studying various mystical paths, I was able to make connections I had not made before.” – Course participant, ‘Demystifying Mysticism’


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