Sacred Music – Survey

Survey : Sacred Music in The ‘Age of Ubiquity’

In the run up to my talk, The Power Of Music, on 10th June 2021, hosted by the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, I invited people interested in sacred/spiritual music to take part in a very short survey.

Here is a summary of the results.

  • There were 40 responses
  • Music is a very important part of people’s lives (92% said ‘vital’ or ‘very important’).
  • Just over 50% experience music in an explicitly spiritual context quite often or often.
  • 40% listen to more live than recorded music (I was surprised that this proportion of live music was so high.  I wonder whether it was because I did not emphasise to include recorded music in TV and films.)
  • 92% believe that music is somewhat or very important in driving cultural change.

I am doing a bit of research on the first and last questions.

I would love to hear about how sacred or transformational music features in your life.  Is it when you go to church, synagogue, mosque? Or is it sacred dance of some kind? Or going to concerts?

And I would love to know specific instances in history when you think music has had a significant on a culture at large. Please drop me an email (steve ‘at’ I will post about these questions on social media and on this website.

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