Support for the World Premiere of ‘Blue Pearl: a One World Oratorio’


Steve would like to thank the people who have supported the launch of Blue Pearl: 

Simon Smith & Jane Morrell, Malcolm Green, Terri Banks, William Ayot & Juliet Grayson, Paul Roberts & Isy Ewart, Isobel & Daniel Pick, Ewan Townhead, Pete Armstrong, Satya & Luke Sherpherd, Jochen Becher, Eva Alberman, David England, Kristina Peterson, Tim Dalling, Anne Charvet, and Stephanie Potter, Eric Maddern, Christopher and Sue Davies, Barbara Bok, Louise Brown, Barbie McSean, Marie-Pierre Le Pennec, Annette Cook,  Jeremy Woodward, Hazel Abel, Ian Curror, Susan Whiting and Mark Whitaker, Paul Georghiades, Peter and Sue Andresen, Carol Williamson, Deborah Carnegie & John Hagger, Paul Dalton, Miriam Binder-Lang, Dermod Moore, Lois Carlson, Janice  Dryden, Jenny Wilks, Mary Cook, Rohan Harris, Angela Bogo, Anne Davidson Lund, Ian and Anne-Marie Curror, Kim Shiller, Marilyn Feldberg (R.I.P.) and the Psychosynthesis Trust, Christina Gustafson and Synthesis Center San Francisco, the Integral European Conference team, Jeff Salzman and the Daily Evolver podcast, Corey deVos, and Integral Life, Heidi Hörnlein and the Wisdom Factory. John Wilson and Onlinevents, Santou Carter (Grief Support Services). And thank you to anyone who has contributed after this programme was printed.

Thank you to Julia Debruslais, former Executive Director of the London Mozart Players for taking on the world premiere, and to Rob Lewis and Excelsis and Vox Farnham Chamber Choirs for the  enthusiasm and hard work you have put into preparing for this concert.

Organisations and podcasts which have supported the Blue Pearl world premiere

Heart & Soul Funerals, Devon (

Integral European Conference (

The Psychosynthesis Trust (

Juliet Grayson, therapist and counsellor (

The Daily Evolver podcast (

Integral Life (

Synthesis Center San Francisco (

What Matters Conversations podcast (

The Wisdom Factory (

Santou Carter, Grief Support Services (

Online Events (