Blue Pearl – What People Are Saying

“Steve Banks’s ‘Blue Pearl Oratorio’ is a wonderful, exciting musical composition created as a manifestation of his Integral understanding.  It’s a superb, exhilarating, magical piece of music that takes one through any number of different experiential realities, a manifestation of Steve’s own wider and deeper awareness.  Sit back and enjoy a rich trip through these effervescent realities in your own case, highly recommended.”   – Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

“LMP has always been thrilled to give the first performances of new compositions that expand the classical repertoire, and we are delighted to be giving the world premiere of ‘Blue Pearl: A One World Oratorio’ with the wonderful Excelsis chamber choir, conducted by Rob Lewis. In this piece, composer Steve Banks uses varied musical genres and texts, taking the listener on an inspiring musical exploration of spirituality. London Mozart Players look forward to this collaboration, bringing to life this beautiful, evocative music.”  – Julia Desbruslais, Executive Director, London Mozart Players (

“Blue Pearl is a wonderfully creative new piece that integrates diverse influences to shape a musical, reflective journey that is consoling, challenging, witty, tuneful and inspiring. The piece beautifully enacts the profound, contemporary and perennial philosophy that underlies it, opening up an experience of enlightening, transformative potential. I warmly recommend it as an innovative artistic contribution to the emerging spirituality of our times.”– Chris Cullen, Mindfulness trainer and teacher, Oxford Mindfulness Centre; teacher of Insight Meditation

“As choral director, I’m always on the lookout for exciting new works for Excelsis to sing. In 2015 we were delighted to perform the world premiere of Karl Jenkins’s The Healer – A Cantata for St LukeWhen the London Mozart Players invited Excelsis to perform in the world premiere of ‘Blue Pearl’ I jumped at the chance. ‘Blue Pearl’ is a really exciting challenge for the choir: to bring to life the different styles of music which Steve has used to such great effect to evoke the full compass of our shared human experience: from joy, humour and sexuality to the opening of our hearts in compassion for the inevitable sorrows of being human, to the spiritual mystery we encounter in stillness and silence. ‘Blue Pearl’ is ultimately a wonderful and moving celebration of our shared humanity.  I’m sure many other choirs will perform it in the years to come; to be the first is a real treat for Excelsis and for me.”    – Rob Lewis, Musical Director, Excelsis Chamber Choir

“A remarkable achievement. In this work, Steve isn’t simply describing or illustrating an idea but reaching out (and in) to evoke and bring to life these ideas, points of view and states of mind. Ambitious it certainly is, but offered with remarkable sincerity, depth of personal knowledge and experience – all or which permeate the writing of this extraordinary work most compellingly.  The music is, by turns, witty, moving, exciting, and transporting.”   – Julian Marshall, composer. ARCM, FHEA

“I first heard excerpts from ‘Blue Pearl’ at the 2020 Integral European Conference and it immediately ignited the full spectrum of my attention. My intellect, aesthetic intelligence, curiosity, sense of musicality and my spirit all lit up! Steve Bank’s astounding masterpiece skillfully brings the depth and profundity of Integral consciousness into the landscape of a highly creative musical composition.  Blue Pearl is profound, beautiful, mind-expanding, adventurous, exciting and deeply moving. I’m really looking forward to experiencing its World Premier next May!”  – Jennifer Baird, artist

“Steve is a great composer with a clear Integral consciousness which he has expressed in this wonderful oratorio. This rare Blue Pearl is as exquisite and unique as our planet in the midst of the Universe. It has not only the virtuosity of a great musical piece in each of its parts but also the wisdom of a deep and awakened Integral Philosophy. I can’t wait to hear the first performance in May 2022. Highly recommended!!!” – Raquel Torrent, singer, Integral psychotherapist and coach

“The ‘Blue Pearl’ oratorio touched me deeply when I first listened to it and continues to move me when I listen to it again. I am a fan of classical music and usually struggle with contemporary music. What is so particularly powerful for me is the way Steve unites elements of classical music from different eras in great clarity and brilliance, as a vehicle to express modern themes, with a modern text.  This amazing oratorio transcends and includes music of all époques, giving expression to the full spectrum of our shared human experience.  I am so looking forward to the world premiere; it is going to be a deeply moving and powerful experience.” – Miriam Binder-Lang, Integral Master Coach